89 Allpass Parade, Shorncliffe QLD 4017

Canoe Day

Adventure on the water

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What is a Canoe Day?

A great day on the water and an opportunity to get your OAS Stages Certified

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Simple Steps

  1. Work with the Unit Council to check Our Calendar for a night where we will be offering a Canoe Day
  2. Send out the email with a link to this page.. We have made it really easy for you; The payment, the paddling, the C4, and even the contact tracing are all organised for you.
  3. Organise Transport to and from the event to 89 Allpass Parade Shornclife

What to Bring

  • Sunsmart Clothes ready for paddling
  • Spray Jacket
  • Uniform not required
  • Lunch, Snacks
  • Water Bottle


Parking is limited at Brownsea. Take care when dropping off youth members


  • 08:00 Registration
  • 15:00 Finish


  1. Participants Must be able to Swim (as per QBSI)
  2. If you hold a Stage 5 or L2 or greater in Paddling, there is no cost
  3. Kayaking is at the discretion of the Leader In Charge Brownsea
  4. The link will close at Thursday 5pm on the night before. Orders must be in before then to avoid disappointment.
  5. Payment, and C4 approval must be made through this link
  6. Once the fee is paid and provisions purchased, no refund will be made through non-attendance at the respective activity except in special circumstances.
  7. You will need your membership number to help us with COVID tracing