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Power Boat Licencing

Adventure on the water

Supporting Scouts to Safer Power Boating

We offer regular older youth supervised time on the water to develop power boating skills, both pre and post licence.

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Power Boating and Jet Ski Licencing

Through our partnership with All State Boat Licencing we offer discounted Rates for Scout Members and their families

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Step 1 Check for Medical Conditions

Medical Disclosure Statement:

It is a requirement of the Transport Operation (Marine Safety) Act 1994 that a licence candidate is to complete and sign a Medical Disclosure Statement.

This declaration states that you have no medical or other impairments that would prevent you from discharging your general safety obligation to operate a Recreational Vessel or Personal Watercraft.

Please Note:  A Medical Certificate issued to operate a Motor Vehicle is not Valid to operate a vessel.

The following provides some examples of medical conditions which may affect the safe operation of a vessel:

  • Vision impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Cardiovascular condition
  • Psychiatric conditions
  • Neurological disorders
  • Respiratory disorder
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  • Moderate or severe sleep disorder
  • Musculoskeletal conditions that impede mobility or agility

 If you feel that you may have some medical condition which could prevent you from complying with these requirements you are advised to contact the Boatsafe Administration Officer of Queensland Transport, Maritime Safety on 07 3066 3881 to discuss the matter prior to commencing the course. The Medical Disclosure Statement will be provided on the day and must be signed prior to the issue of your Statement of Competency.

Once the Training is completed there will be no refund offered if it is established that you do not comply with the medical requirements.

Your Training Provider will not enter into any discussions on your Medical Condition other than to ensure the Medical Disclosure Statement has been signed.

Step 2 Get a Group Together

Contact brownsea.bookings@gmail.com or use Rover and Leader Forums if you need us to advertise wider to get the minimum required for a group booking together

The pricing for your group booking is based on our Community Support Service as follows: 

Step 3 Read through the workbook

 Read through the attached Work Book to assist you with what you need to be aware of,  before starting the Online or Face to Face theory and practical assessment on the water.  It is a resource/reference only. Do not print  –  as we have the latest workbook for your use and future reference, available if required.

Step 4 Complete the Free Online training

The ‘ONLINE Course’ as an alternative to the Face to Face in the comfort of your own home or ”wherever you are” in your own time and convenience.  This includes the online theory presentation and quiz at the end (same information as is offered in the Face to Face full day course)

https://boatlicenceqld.com/#Signup   to go direct to the explanation of the online course(s).

Or:  Go to our website and follow the prompts for the online courses or look in the table on the left hand side of the web page for “online licence courses or online boat licence courses” —  http://www.boatlicensing.com.au/boat_licence_brisbane_northside_queensland/qld_boat_licence_brisbane_northside

Enrolment hint: Once you have typed in your email address and a password, it will ask for an enrolment key. Directly below will be our training locations of which you will copy and paste or type in     brisbane-northside   The system should then go directly to the Boat, Boat and Ski then Ski courses.  Select the required course to begin. You must achieve 100% pass to receive a notification to proceed.   Please ensure brisbane-northside is selected so I receive an email notifying me of your enrolment and once completed, receive the second email confirming your 100% pass. 

Step 5 Make a Group Payment

The price for greater than 6 participants:

  • $230.00 each for the combined Boat and Jet Ski licence course
  • $130.00 for the Boat licence course
  • $120.00 for the Jet Ski licence course

We also offer the course to family members who may wish to participate in the course with the group on the day at a slightly different rate of

  • $250.00 for Boat and Jet Ski
  • $150.00 Boat only
  • $140.00 for Jet Ski only (already has boat licence)

PAYMENT for the course is EFT transfer to our bank account 1 week prior to the course date – please include the students name and date of the course as a reference:  Note: we do not have EFTPOS/Credit Card facilities at this time.

Account details are :

  • Westpac Bank
  • Allstate Boat Licensing and Training BN
  • BSB: 034 122 A/c: 380 203

  A Tax Invoice can be arranged if required.

Step 6 Re read through the workbook

 Read through the attached Work Book to assist you with what you need to be aware of,  before starting the Online or Face to Face theory and practical assessment on the water.  It is a resource/reference only. Do not print  –  as we have the latest workbook for your use and future reference, available if required.

Step 7 Complete the Practical Component

The practical component consists of similar multiple choice questions of approximately half to an hour as in the online quiz but in the presence of our Assessor.  This is to satisfy the Transport Dept. that you have actually done the online theory. We then conduct the on water boat practical of at least 1.5 hours collectively with other students in the class, then the ski practical of a minimum of 20 minutes – one on one with our Assessor.

The practical assessments are to demonstrate your competency in relation to the standards.

What to Bring with you:- Photo ID (Drivers Licence or Other);  Appropriate clothing for the day, sunscreen, hat, water etc…… For the ski practical, depending on the conditions of the day, usually requires appropriate clothing such as rash shirts, suitable shorts and a spray jacket as students often get wet and cold from spray etc.   

Step 8 Present Your Certificate of Competency for your Marine Licence

When deemed competent the student is issued with the Boat Safe Statement of Competencies for the Boat and/or Ski Licences. They are then required to make application to the Dept. of Transport for the individual licenses. 

Note there is an additional fee.

COVID Information

COVID 19:  We are still required to observe the distancing requirements ‘as far as practicable’ and as such it is mandatory to answer our questionnaire at the start of the class until restrictions are lifted. The health and safety of all is paramount and it is our collective responsibility – yours and Allstate Boat Licensing & Training Brisbane North – to maintain a safe environment as best we can.  If you wish to wear/bring additional PPE, you are welcome to do so.  

We provide hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes.  

Contact Details

Peter Reid

Allstate Boat Licensing & Training – Brisbane North

0428 98 1770