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Joey Fun Day

Adventure on the water

What is a Joey Fun Day?

A Joey Fun Day is a day that you come with your leaders to enjoy what Brownsea has to offer Joeys. You will also pick up some skills along the way that you can work with your leaders to sign off as badgework.

Activities are subject to change depending on the staff we have on the day. These are examples of typical Joey Fun Day activities

 Activity Description
Pirate Ship Pirate boat ride
Walk the plank Swim 10 metres (OAS Boating S1 + Paddling S1)
Float for 2mins   
Land Activities Creating sailing boats
Boat races  
Rafting + Power boat   Rafting Learn forward and backward strokes Paddling on the raft
Powerboat 20min powerboat rides in small groups
Canoeing Learn parts of the canoe 30-40min canoe trip
Ramble Walk from Brownsea to Baxter’s Jetty Walk

 Availability and Bookings


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Frequently Asked Questions


QBSI B2.2. Section 10 Child Safe

Provided that they are not a Restricted Person, an adult who is a parent of a youth member and working in the same Group as their child or exempted under the Act may commence working with youth as a Volunteer whilst waiting for their Blue Card to be issued. Until these Adults hold a valid Blue Card or exemption card and have been issued a Certificate of Proficiency, they must at all times be supervised by a Leader who does hold a Certificate of Proficiency.

Leaders accompanying the parent are accountable for ensuring this application is in place, and notifying the Leader in Charge.

The Group Personal Accident Policy does not cover:
a. siblings of registered financial or un-financial Youth Members
b. children under five years of age
c. children whose parents have signed a Non-Member Activity Advice (Form F6).
a. Grandparents or relatives, unless legal guardian(s), are not considered Members.

For a full list of insurance inclusions and exclusions consult QBSI 5.6 Insurance

Badges can be purchased with the other items through our bookings


Parking for visitors is limited to the front of Brownsea.

There is more parking near the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club and at the Public Ramp.

Take care when dropping off youth members and walking on the road around our building.

Joey Fun Day

Joey days are for Joeys and their leaders. Cubs can come out on any canoe day or pirate boat and raft day. If you are a leader with a Cub in your care for the day this is ok.

Scouts, Rovers, Venturers can be drafted in as volunteers for the day.

We are looking for specialist leaders to run section specific days with us… We have a Specialist Joey Leader and Cub Leader and these days are quickly taken up with Joeys… Doesn’t have to be a leader attached to brownsea…

We run activities all year round at Brownsea. Winter can be a more stable for weather. Less likely to have a thunderstorm.

All of the dates are in the Calendar.

Activities start at 8am and finish up at 3pm.

Start and Finish times include Safety Briefing, Getting Kitted out and wash down/ putting everything away.