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Adventure on the water


What to bring Link

  • If you are a Joey or Cub, your leader with your permission form with health and emergency contact details
  • If you are a Scout or Venturer either
    • your leader with your permission form with health and emergency contact details
    • if your leader is not present, the person making the booking ensures this form is completed. https://groups.operoo.com/public_forms/807450/new  
    • or we will issue you with an invite to join our Operoo instance with a specific permission form for the activity
  • Clothes that can get wet/muddy
  • A Broad Brim Sunsafe Hat (preferably one with a drawstring to keep on the head when windy)
  • Good High SPF Sunscreen
  • A drink bottle
  • Enclosed shoes (that can get wet/muddy)
  • Spray jacket (wind and waterproof)
  • Swimming gear
  • Prepacked Lunch (unless catered)
  • Towels (for showering and for water activities)
  • Plastic bags (for wet clothes)
  • Strap for spectacles/sunglasses (string or otherwise)
  • NB: denim jeans are very uncomfortable when wet so please avoid wearing these for water activities.


We encourage everyone who makes a booking to only take what they need (a Scout is Thrifty)

Please book the minimum number and book more only as you need them, or ask parents to book directly

  • Our volunteers are busy people too
  • Because our activities are popular, you may exclude other youth if you overbook

Once the fee is paid and provisions purchased, no refund will be made through non-attendance at the respective activity except in special circumstances.


No cost. We do have wood that you can use also until this runs out.

Have you followed the instructions on how to use a gas fuse? We often find no one has push ed the button on the fuse.

We do carry a spare bottle in the shed, however this is only accessible when staff are on site.


Badges can be purchased with the other items through our bookings


Parking for visitors is limited to the front of Brownsea.

There is more parking near the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club and at the Public Ramp.

Take care when dropping off youth members and walking on the road around our building.

Joey Fun Day

Joey days are for Joeys and their leaders. Cubs can come out on any canoe day or pirate boat and raft day.

We are looking for specialist leaders to run section specific days with us… We have a Specialist Joey Leader and these days are quickly taken up with Joeys… Doesn’t have to be a leader attached to brownsea…

We run activities all year round at Brownsea. Winter can be a more stable for weather. Less likely to have a thunderstorm.

All of the dates are in the Calendar.

Activities start at 8am and finish up at 3pm.

Start and Finish times include Safety Briefing, Getting Kitted out and wash down/ putting everything away.

Leader FAQs

Leaders could attend on a paddling night or day. You can use our equipment for practice. Have a look on our booking page to see when others will be in attendance and join in.

We have a policy of not charging leaders assist them to get through their evidence gathering… we believe leaders dip into their pockets too much anyway.

We have Pizza and Paddles Friday nights, and other paddling events you can join in on. Depends on your availability and when people have already booked.

If it is an event where you are looking after the primary needs of your youth… Example a Joey Day or Section CampTheir section leader issues the permission form and manages medications etc.
A youth member is unaccompanied  (that those who will not be supervised by Adult leader from their group who has their permission form / Operoo profile) Example a Venturer at a Pizza and Paddle with no onsite leaderIt is the accountability of the person making the booking to ensure this form is completed. https://groups.operoo.com/public_forms/807450/new  
A youth member is unaccompanied  for an overnight camp that where that youth member is under brownsea’s direct care for the whole camp. E.g Ultimate Sailing Program 4 Day Camp  After a booking is made we will send an invite to join our Operoo instance, and issue an online permission form.

There is a template C5 on the website that you can use. Leaders will need to create and share their own C5 with their group leader, and you may list us as Activity Leaders. Brownsea does not need a copy of your C5.

A copy of our risk assessments can be found in the documents section of our website.


Please could you tell me if you will be running any sailing courses for leaders new to sailing? I have checked the Training Calendar and there are none listed.

We are not running sailing training courses (we don’t have anyone to run them as assessors). but we are willing to at no cost take you out for a sail at whatever level to build your skills and log book up.

This will give you access to a wider variety of conditions. Approximately each fortnight on Saturdays 8-3pm and they run on the high tide. When making a booking use the code LOY to get the full discount.

We work through OAS skills in Corsair Training Dingys. The ratios in the boat depends a lot on the number of qualified skippers that we have on the day.

Never too late to join. It is a rolling program that runs approximately every 2nd week on the high tides in term time.

Feedback from the team…

  • It is hard work getting out the creek and
  • if it is windy no where to hide in the creek and sail…

We are trying to give the team a bit of a routine, so they know when the days are coming up…