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Sailing Program Framework

Adventure on the water

Brownsea Sailing Program

Program Objective

  • To build a skilled base of youth and adults at Brownsea in Sailing and Power boating (with support from AllState Licencing)
  • Sail every second week on High tides to give more flexibility in and out of the creek
  • Supply Sandgate Yacht Club with candidates into the Flying 15 program
  • Focus providing a program for Scout, Venturer, Rover and Leaders

Sailing Days Program

Through this package we offer 5 days of Sailing for the Price of 4. For available dates and other details please refer to the Sailing Days.

Sailing Days

Our sailing days run from 08:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays on the high tide

There is no brownsea associated charges for Leaders, wishing to develop their skills and to gather evidence to support submissions to Branch for recognition of Prior Learning. Use the Discount Code LOY when booking.

You will need to bring gear for a day on the water (broad brimmed hat, closed in shoes, lunch, drink bottle etc)


VET Sailing Program (SP and TP Sailing)

The Sailing Portfolio to support the NAAF Sailing Program outcome is available.

It is an integrated Program Portfolio allowing members to capture their skills, knowledge and evidence into the portfolio for ease of evidence for assessment by SAIT Assessors.

It is not Scout Queensland’s intention to offer formal VET Sailing Program on the Scouts Qld Training Calendar at this point in time.

Brownsea will support Candidates within our Sailing Programs.

The process to Access the Portfolio for Members is as follows

  • The Member will be sent a word version for them to complete
  • The Member will engage with an appointed Scouts Qld Sailing Guide or an Australian Sailing Dinghy Sailing Instructor, acting as an SME for Scouts, to sign off the practical parts of the Program.
  • The completed Sailing Program Portfolio will be return to the BSO Training Section for processing
  • An RPL Fee will be payable from the Member before the Statement of Attainment can be issued


Ultimate Sailing Program (USP) 4 day Camp

Usually the 1st 4 days of the holidays this is catered, with accommodation and plenty of sailing

Sandgate Yacht Club “Flying Fifteen”

The Sandgate Yacht Club has club events on Sundays on hightides. 

Scout crews wanting to make the commitment to the Sandgate Yacht Club may stay at Brownsea Saturday night. 

Note places are limited to 1 or 2 and this is under the rules and insurance of the Sandgate Yacht Club (not Scouts) and will require an additional Junior membership to participate regularly.

Some of the leaders at Brownsea are also members of the Sandgate Yacht Club

For more information on SYC https://syc.org.au/

Cancellation. Where we can, we will offer an alternate program if weather makes it difficult. There are circumstances beyond our control such as COVID and as such we have designed the program to roll over discounts.

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